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Gary Pinder, RMT
Gary Pinder, RMT
WEDnesday: 8:50am – 2:50pm
THUrsday: 12:40pm – 6:40pm
FRIday: 8:50am – 2:50pm
SATurday: 8:50 am – 2:50 pm

Gary Pinder graduated from CDI College Massage Therapy Program in 2006. With over 15 years of experience in the massage therapy profession, Gary has developed patience and understanding toward each client’s needs and an openness to different health approaches. He chose to become a Registered Massage Therapist in order to step away from the “desk and computer” and contribute to society by helping people optimize their own health and happiness. As an RMT, Gary is most passionate about helping clients understand their own bodies and empowering them to take greater control of their own health and well-being.

As an RMT, Gary emphasizes the importance of a thorough assessment, looking at the body as a whole, in order to identify imbalances and the root causes of pain or dysfunction. From that, he works with the client to formulate a treatment plan appropriate to their goals and abilities, including specific strategies for self-care. During a massage treatment, Gary often likes to have the client be an active participant in their own massage. His massage therapy techniques include deep tissue massage, use a variety of techniques suitable to the client’s condition and state of mind at the time of the massage. These include active myofascial release (similar to ART), positional release, muscle energy technique and joint mobilizations.

When not at work, Gary Pinder enjoys mountain biking, cycling, hiking, cross-country skiing – anything outdoors.